Welcome to the other side of my website. This side is dedicated to my non-fiction works.

With thousands of articles published in print and online venues, I enjoy writing non-fiction articles on various topics. I'm curious and want to understand the world we live in- so I research and write.

My current articles are listed to the left. I write articles on all things related to interior design, feng shui, health, paranormal, environmental, organic and even a few controversial topics.I was a Green Lifestyles blogger and home interior decor blogger for several years.

I hope you find my articles interesting and entertaining. Be sure to leave a comment when you visit the blogs so I'll know you stopped by.

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About Writing Both Non-Fiction and Fiction

     "I love writing about anything and everything. That's
     what writers do! It's absurd to think a writer should
     focus on just one genre or choose between writing
     fiction and non-fiction.    

     "That kind of narrow-minded thinking reflects an
     unimaginative attitude that insults everything that
     creativity bestows upon writers. Simply put, writers
     were born to write."
                                                            ... Sally Painter

Sally Painter at booksigning in Michigan

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